Slow Holiday Shutdowns

Friends and Fellow Readers! Sorry about the one post a week I've been putting up. I've been really busy wrapping up the end of the year and busiest quarter at work (incredible goal shattering quarter that is), had some family issues going on, and well just been darn busy. What's life if not busy though,... Continue Reading →

What’s Now! Update

Hello. Here's what I am up to this month of December 2016 and some of my goals you can help me be accountable to: First up, I've moved from one writing portal to another! I am super happy with my new home. Lots of unpacking to do and settling in. By spring I want to... Continue Reading →

There is something in each of us that sometimes gets buried because somewhere along the way we were convinced it was not a worthy attribute to have and was not valued. We were told there was no place for the talent that we uniquely had to be allowed to flourish. So we bury it deep... Continue Reading →

In-Between the Pages: Gratitude

We make less and less room for gratitude in ourselves or for gratitude to be present in what we enjoy. I wanted to really post this on Thanksgiving, but thought a post-Thanksgiving was more appropriate so I could spend the time after the weekend was over to reflect on all that had transpired. Bottom line... Continue Reading →

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