What’s Now! Update

Hello. Here’s what I am up to this month of December 2016 and some of my goals you can help me be accountable to:

  • First up, I’ve moved from one writing portal to another! I am super happy with my new home. Lots of unpacking to do and settling in. By spring I want to be more polished for you. So, I am doing a lot of homework on creating a great looking home you can find yourself being a guest at from time to time.
  • My personal development work is focused in reading right now. I alternate between the three below to give myself a break from being in one for to long and for the variety that my mind needs to feel filled. I focus on reading 25 pages or more a day. 25 is the sweet spot. By doing so I can read theoretically more than 9k of pages or about 1+ books a month. Here’s the reading list so far:
    • For fun: The Complete Hammer’s Slammers Vol. 1 I love great sci-fi and David Drake is one of my favorites. It’s like watching an intense space opera, but you’re reading it instead. A lot of fast paced fun.
    • For Growth: Insanely Simple: The Obsession That Drives Apple’s Success by Ken Segall. This book is incredible as it works to decode for it’s readers why simplicity is both incredibly hard to create and incredibly useful in leading yourself or others with as a strategy for success. No secret that he choose Apple to showcase simplicity’s importance as a element of success. The author also had a special connection with Steve Jobs himself. It’s Ken’s story and journey of personal growth and development.
    • For interset and curiosity: Being a Dog: Following the Dog Into a World of Smell by Alexandra Horowitz. Our family pet has an amazing personality and I’d like to learn about him so I can connect with him more meaningfully. I hope it can teach me how I can put my under-used sense of smell to work in surprising ways.
  • I’m officially training for my first full marathon. I’m ready! I will be ready to give it a go on my current plan this April 2017. I am officially signed up for the Charlevoix Marathon on June 25th, 2017. No turning back now. This is one of my bucket list items to run a full marathon and I really have found a lot of enjoyment in running these last 3 years I’ve been doing it.
  • At work I am over the half way point of a new QT. I’m really focused on innovation management to support my peers. No easy task when you are trying to gain a collation of peers that you want to try something new with. There are two places I am working through innovation management. The first is how my leadership team leads focuses through what’s most important to our customers and themselves. As a market we know this is where the biggest battles in enriching lives is won or lost. The second, is how to become a town center for my community and help others to do the same in their respective markets.
  • I’ve found such a great focus in Holstee’s monthly challenges. This month is all about reflection and taking a time out to pause, look inward, and around you more. Then with that reflection do something about what you learn. What a great time to do so before the year ends and new one begins.

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