More In Common Than Not | In-Between the Pages

Different cuts of wood, but still wood. (Image: Shawn Ward)
We have more in common with one another that we would like to think. Holstee’s challenge of last month was about living with intentionality. This month of February is about kinship.
“Don’t walk behind me. I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me. I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.” – Albert Camus*
The challenge that they give this month couldn’t have come more timely. The relationships we form as humans are critical to our success and investment in them even more so.
Holstee’s take on kinship has three lens that it takes me through:
The individual
The self
With the individual I got to explore and consider a friendship that was most important to me. Why it was most important to me. What I learned from it. It’s purpose and meaning to me explored I then learned what it meant to keep it alive. This challenged me to keep connecting with that friendship. I learned how sharing what the friendship means to me can do. Also, expressing genuine gratitude for having that friendship keeps it alive.
With community it was discovering ways you can deepen friendships. How to bridge them together. Creating real community time and bringing these friendships together is important. Connecting say over a dinner or lunch has merit. It can become a movement.
”Friendship uniquely requires mutual self-knowledge and will. It takes two competent, willing people to be friends. You cannot impose a friendship on someone, although you can impose a crush, a lawsuit, or an obsession. If friendship is not reciprocated, it simply ceases to exist, or rather, it never existed in the first place.” – Andrew Sullivan*
Finally, I felt challenged through the exercise to be aware of the responsibility I have. That I have a important active role to play in their lives. To make them better versions of themselves. Bring out their best inner selves with feedback. Does your friendship have in it intentionality? If that answer is yes, you have a role in it to play. A responsibility to tell them what they NEED to hear over what the WANT to hear. If you had to write out, what ways do you think you’re a good friend?
Holstee is doing some incredible work. I enjoy the monthly challenges and self-exploration. If you don’t have that something that challenges you each month, I recommend Holstee. There are things you spend money on and wonder what you get from it. I’ve never had to second guess that them. If nothing else, check out this month’s challenge and decide for yourself here:
Thanks and have a great rest of the week.

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