Be Like the Giving Tree | In-Between the Pages

Almost everyone has heard or had read to them as a kid The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. The important messages the book conveys is you can still be happy as long as you are doing the right thing. Happiness in of itself can come from helping others and giving what you know or have learned to help others along. 

This is one of my main driving points for creating this space for you to learn, be inspired by, and reach success faster. And to do it faster and with less mistakes than I did. It is my hope, by giving you as many answers to the test as I can, you can find your optimal self quicker.

In the book a boy is able to communicate with a tree and spends his childhood for the most part playing with the tree. As he grows up he continues to ask the tree for more and more which the tree gives up with no questions asked. Eventually the boy stopped coming around, a full grown adult. Then one day the boy returns an old man looking for a place to rest. Again, the tree is there to provide a place for him to rest his weary self.

Here’s the question. What are you willing to give up? How much of yourself are you willing to give to others to help them reach a better version of themselves? You will and can find the keys to happiness by just helping others. Servant based leadership and friendship is one of the most fulfilling things we can do for each other. But, most of the time, like the boy we only take or give as little as we can. Most of the time only doing so  when there is something else in it for us.

The key leadership messaging of The Giving Tree is that to serve others will help you reach your goals. The tree had a goal to feel love and to love back. The tree dedicated it’s life to help support the boy in his time of learning or need. Servant leadership is the same thing, the very commitment to the growth of people. Helping people involved in your goal is the key in accomplishing that goal.

I am so blessed and thankful I work for a company that embodies that spirit felt in The Giving Tree. We strive in everything we do to leave the world a better place than where we found it. This includes the very people I work for and with. My happiness and my fulfillment doesn’t require me to be selfish with my talents to maintain a good level of accomplishment. My happiness has been able to come from helping others. I always try to give back to anyone who asks for it whenever I have the chance and when I am able to do the task.

Personally, I feel that giving is important in leadership and giving is important if happiness is what you’re looking for. Overall, I agree with the message Silverstein is saying in the book.

I challenge you this week to give with out the immediate satisfaction of knowing you might get something paid back in kind. Let it change you. It will take time to feel and see it, so don’t give up to easy. But, anything challenging rarely comes easy. 

Have a great week and thanks for reading. 


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