Little Efforts, Create Little Results | Shorts

This is a new add to my work on In-Between the Pages. I’ve been thinking of doing more with my efforts. I’ve felt like I could do more. I’m ready to do more.

I’m going to call them “shorts”. Quick reads of random thoughts that I pick up here or there that can give you a quick impact to your day. Maybe even knock you off center.

My promise will be to keep it to 1 minute or less. Be as profound and simple as it can be, yet powerful enough to carry you through the day. To make you think different about your purpose and intentionality. They’ll be random and never consistent, just as our thoughts tend to be. I promise to be completely open to your feedback too.

Here we go:

Listen to what the world is trying to tell you. Our biggest problem? We don’t.

I found myself in a run the other day completely catching myself not being in the moment of the beautiful day/weather going on around me. With music in my ears blaring away and keeping me distracted from everything else going on, it didn’t seem right. I took my AirPods out of my ears and just absorbed myself in the moment of all the run was trying to tell me.

I felt the run with each step differently. I felt the wind as it hit my skin, cooling it, and literally cooling me down. The sun, warm, seemed to power me up like a solar battery. I heard birds and saw animals running around me I hadn’t seen before. I felt the run. It was awesome.

My challenge and yours is when you get that feeling your too deep, listen to it. Stop. Take your present moment around you in. All of it. What’s it tell you? How might it change you and your current direction? How will you listen as you go forward? Your intuition is a strong partner, you have to practice daily listening to it. Intuition is not meant to be a silent partner.

Hope you enjoyed your short today!


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