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With all the competing priorities out there it’s really hard to find which and how much you should get behind something that really matters to you. Where do you get the drive? Finding what the best version of yourself could be is hard enough, let alone finding a way to get behind it. 

Through this series of three through the holiday weekend we’re going to try and figure that out. We’ll start with this post just getting in tune with you. The second post will cover how to get out of the way of your own ego which is a total drive killer. Then we will wrap up with some ideas on how to stay fueled.

Let’s get started with you.

We spend an enormous amount of time living for others. If you are built like me as a giver, you can not help but live for others over yourself. This highlights one of the biggest drive detractors we have in our lives: we do what others tell us, or what we think we are “supposed” to do. What I want sometimes never even makes it into the equation.

This I realized had to change if I was ever going to reach the peak of my drive in whatever I went after. I had to start living for myself. Sounds kind of selfish, but think of it through this lens. How can you take others to the top, if you haven’t learned for yourself what the top even could be. You have no right to take others on a journey to find their peak when you have not even taken that journey yourself.

Ask yourself what’s holding you back when you are in that rut of a dead-end going nowhere drive. Most likely it’s you that is holding you back from peak. The more you tell yourself this message of negativity, that you can not achieve something, the more likely you will start to believe it. The result ends up being you avoiding or shying away from opportunities that tap into your peak. The good news? You can free yourself from it.

Start with positive self-talk. Take some reflection time and write down all that you admire about yourself and the strengths you do have. The more time you spend in this positive space, the more you start to charge your solar battery for drive time. Positive belief training is so powerful, yet so few do it. Great bit of news. Anyone can do it and do it well! You can never do positive self-talk wrong. You just have to do it. When you start to believe your talented, have great skills, and your ideas are incredible you will find yourself not being held back.

Great qoute that sums this concept up:

Our conscious mind thinks it’s in control, but it isn’t. Our subconscious mind doesn’t think anything, but it is in control.

We need to tap into our youth more. When we were young, we had no problem building a fort in a tree that was completely unstable and unsafe. We just did it for the excitement of that experience and opportunity to construct an adventure. And, we didn’t let anyone convince us otherwise to not do it. We just went for it. We need to again, spend less time not listening or letting anyone tell us to quit.

We need to be okay with appreciating we are doing our own thing. You don’t need your peers permission. Ignore the snickering and disapproval of others. Embrace your inner feeling that it’s right. Build that fort. We listen to others a lot, now listen to your own gut. Step back and observe how you are working, living, and what really interests you. 

I wouldn’t be doing this blog if I had listened to everyone who said I couldn’t do it. I don’t write here for the likes or comments. I just do it because I enjoy it and a part of me is very passionate about the viewers. It’s my hope and intuition that someone, even one person, will read what I write and it will enrich their life somehow.

Lastly, lean in to learning. Your time on this earth is so flipping limited. Dig in. Every single day you are granted should never be wasted on what doesn’t make you happy or inspire you. Go after challenging things and change your attitude about getting enriched yourself. People who are learners don’t feel the pressure to prove their abilities compared with others that do not lean in to learning.

Your thoughts are super powerful and will go a long way with getting you on the road to your peak drive. They lead us to where we want to go in work, life, and adventure. To sum this all up, you need to start with knowing what you want and simply be open to how you can get there. Getting yourself in the space of what you want to be at your peak and thinking that it is already a reality, will keep negative thoughts or negative comments from having the opportunity to hold you back.

I’ll end with this:

Your life is your party. You get to choose how you invite people and experiences and things into it.

Thanks for reading and I hope going into your holiday weekend you’re able to really think about what you want and go after it.


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