Stay Loose | Shorts

In today’s environments you cannot be married to any one single idea. Being to married to an idea/process can cripple your human potential. You can look at social media to see where two opposing points and being married to those points with out budging from them can do.

It limits more importantly your creativity in bringing something new to benefit humanity. We talked last week (Your Drive: Fuel | In-Between the Pages) about ego working for you and working against you. Ego here left untempered tied into an idea is a show stopper. And, not the good kind of show stopper. I’m talking about committing branding suicide.

Here’s a quote I came across that really says it well:

It’s not so important to be serious as it is to be serious about the important things. The monkey has an expression of seriousness that would do credit to any great scholar. But the monkey is serious because he itches. – Laroff’s Credo

Here’s some reflection points to get you out of that rut of seriousness or being married to a particular way of life:

  • What can you take less seriously?
  • Think of an important way you use to measure performance or ideas. What would happen if you let go of your own rigidness in it? What would happen if you let the leash go?
  • What if you laughed at it?

Niels Bohr once put it:

Some things are so serious that you have to laugh at them.

You may be on a path to doing the best work of your life. Enjoy the journey a little more by staying loose and having some fun along the way. Temper your seriousness. There is a time for it, just not all the time.

Enjoy your week.


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