Meaning | Shorts

It’s incredibly hard to find meaning in the tasks that seem to be of the most mundane in our own mind’s eye. We want to feel that what we do every minute of every day matters. That we are putting a dent in the universe with our work. But, when you hit those tedious tasks or meetings on your to-do lists you can easily find yourself loosing your sense of purpose. Your sense of making an impact.

A way we can combat this creeping feeling of the uselessness is to recall the big picture. You’ve read several of my posts and I constantly mention taking a pause and reflecting often. 50&5 is a strategy I personally follow. For every 50 minutes of work I take a 5 minute reflection moment, standing up and going for a walk. There have been many studies which have shown that even a brief moment of reflection on our current situation can help boost our performance and resilience.

Some of those questions to get you in that mindset could be:

Who is going to benefit from what I’m doing?

What really matters most to me? What does that suggest I should do now?

If I get this task done well, what bigger aspiration or value of mine will it support?

Finding a meaningful goal in our work can help you push through a seemingly meaningless task with a sense of purpose. Everything we do has a purpose, we just lose the perspective of what that purpose is. But if we can just pause long enough to remind ourselves why we are doing what we are doing, it can really give us back the purpose we need to make through it.

Thanks for taking a couple of minutes to read this post, hope it gave you some purpose.


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