Capturing Worthwhile | Shorts

Learn to pause…or nothing worthwhile will ever catch up to you. – Doug King, Poet

I remember a time when I was a kid on a summer vacation road trip sitting in the backseat of the car with my parents driving up front. The world outside the car was moving at 60 MPH, but I wasn’t sitting there. I was able to just watch and soak it all in.

Today, we are the car moving at 60 MPH instead of the passenger taking it all in and enjoying the ride. We cannot get away long enough from our busy work to even enjoy the hard work we put in. Our work happens to us, and rarely are we happening to it.

At times getting away from the problem your faced with and turning it over to your natural skill of wonder or marvel can be the best strategy. Just taking a time out to drift through your own day-dream and gain the passenger perspective can yield break through.

Allow the muse to whisper in your ear. Pause long enough for that to happen. Build purposeful time to do that along the way. Protect it and treat it with the same importance rating as the actual mission in front of you. Surprise yourself and those around you. Some things to reflect on as you do this:

How would you problem benefit if you paused for a day or a week?

What might you gain or learn?

What are you favorite ways to pause?

Create incubator moments in your work and life. Real perspective can only happen when you take a time out and give it a chance to truly work for you. In that perspective you will find your worthwhile.

Thanks for reading. Have a great week.


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