It Is in Your Palm | Shorts

Little Mermaid (Image: Shawn Ward)

Why is it I remember living a life as a child being completely awestruck by everything that I would come in contact with? And, it was in the things that just happened during everyday events. I watch my nieces/nephews growing up and it’s incredible and inspiring to just see how much they squeeze out of their interactions with life through out their day.

Heraclitus said this:

Many fail to grasp what’s right in the palm of their hand.

As we grow older somewhere along that journey we get that childlike sense of wonder and amazement in the our world just drum beat out of us. It’s not always bad parenting or being poorly raised that is the cause. It sometimes, most times, our fault.

Somewhere as we enter into adulthood we begin to sleepwalk through our lives and we get super focused on the trivial things. Like that person who just kept laughing during our movie. Or, the weather spoiling our opportunity to get off the couch. Or, work keeps you from doing that thing you really would like to do. We get locked into narrow ways of thinking.

We can do better. Not for others, but for ourselves. I start everyday, even on days I don’t want to, with a gratitude journal where I log at least 3 things that I am grateful for. It’s a primer for me to start off with a positive and open mindset. My hope? That it will bring back that childlike wonder again in everything that is around me. To be more present.

What amazing things do you grasp happening around you everyday? Keep it simple at first to practice. Things like:

  • The sun rose this morning or set, and you were alive to enjoy it
  • That you have a car that can take you anywhere you want to go
  • That if you really work at it compassion and humanity in one another is still there for you to see or witness
  • That it is still fun to run into a rain storm with your mouth open pointed to sky trying to catch a few drops; that it even rains where you live

A scientist Lewis Thomas put it this way:

Statistically, the probability of any one of us being here is so small that the mere fact of our existence should keep us all in a state of contended dazzlement.

Let me help you get there with this week’s challenge. I want you to take the 4 questions below writing down what pops into your head as you read them, and record that for a week. Be still in your approach and listen to what that silence tells you.

Do you see the magic in your current situation?

In your resources?

What deadens your awareness of things?

What heightens it?

Each day will be a little different than the next and I want you to work really hard at treating it that way for 7 days. Again, I would love to hear how it goes, and your more than welcome to share your story below in the comments section of the post.

Thanks for reading. Hope you have a great week. My hope is that maybe you can achieve a little more awareness and find a way to retap into that childlike wonder you may have forgotten was still there 😉


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