Focus on the Real Truth | Shorts

It’s hard to say where our focus should be. All around us we are being pulled to what things tell us is the truth. Fake news becomes real news. Difficult to say where we should really be putting our focus. One person’s truth is another’s lie. You can have a huge setback in work to reach your goals if you choose wrong.

There are a few key ways you can really make sure your focus and energy are being applied to the right truth.

  • Find the real reason why you’re interested in your issue.
  • When you move your fixed viewpoint to a different one, what different truths do you find?
  • What if you completely ditched your current self-interest in your goal, what truth would you see?

When it comes to the real reason it’s a great place to start to make sure that it’s the right focus. Gain perspective by stepping away and looking from a higher perch. If you loose for any reason that drive you originally felt, looking back in, then it is the wrong focus. Still feel like it might be, drop it, and then come back to test the waters a little later.

We should strive to have an open mind. Having a fixed viewpoint gives us a very narrow perspective. It allows very little opportunity for us to find different truths that can accelerate our work. Being a person that proactively gets feedback often and frequently is a great way to see the focus from different viewpoints. So often with our heads down in our work we miss out on opportunities to grow from a different viewpoint provided to us by getting lots of feedback.

There are times we just need to let our goal and work go. To stop our pursuit. This is the hardest approach to mapping out the right focus on the real truth. If it doesn’t feel right and your not passionate about it any more, pursuit of it doesn’t make sense. Quitting doesn’t feel great at all no matter the reason. However, there is learning in that abandonment. We can learn from our mistakes and bad choices so when the opportunity for the right focus comes around for us, we will be in a much better position to accept it as the real truth.

Have a great start of your new week.


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