Gratitude Gives You Latitude

What are you thankful for? Have you really taken a breath to just pause and take it all in? Or, are you just pushing through hitting each day moving through it like it's a drive through. Again and again expecting your happiness to be handed to you from a carry out window attendee. Chances are... Continue Reading →

What’s Important NOW!

Hello Fall. The end of the month is ahead and fall is beginning. It's my favorite and also a kick off to my busiest most engaged time of the year. There is a bit still planned. Let's get into that. For wellness I am back into training mode for another marathon that I would like... Continue Reading →

Happiness Series | Shorts

Every minute you are angry you loose sixty seconds of happiness. We can move through this world thinking happiness is owed to us. A sense of entitlement with happiness. To the point that we allow others or things to hijack whether we are happy at any given time. We allow those constructs of our own... Continue Reading →

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