Environmental Wellness

What would we call environmental wellness? Most would be thinking in terms of that green trash can in the garage that we put things in that can be recycled. Environmental wellness though is not just about taking care or respecting our environments it is also about getting fulfillment from our surroundings. Partly that comes from... Continue Reading →

Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness, self-awareness, is one of the hardest dimensions of wellness to master. Some people are instantly great at recognizing when they are angry or have been triggered or know what makes them anxious. Others, are really bad at recognizing their own feelings and those of others. This aspect of your emotional wellness is very... Continue Reading →

Social Wellness

When we and I think of social wellness, we think in terms of our Insta, Twitter, or FB accounts. Instead, what social wellness is really about is how comfortable we are with ourselves. How great we feel in our current state with ourselves and with others. Than at the same time how great we are... Continue Reading →

Physical Wellness

I want to take what’s left of our month on wellness and get through what each dimension of wellness is and means. I’m going to take one on a day with you, share a little about how I make sure it stays in my plans/perspective for the week ahead, and some top ways you can... Continue Reading →

Make an Assessment

When do we prioritize our time to take a look inward at our own health and wellness? We don't. At least we don't until it is to late, and we're in a corner. Or, when were completely in the throws of sickness. By then, we're reacting and are usually not in a place to learn... Continue Reading →

What’s NOW! October

Hello October! Although it doesn't really grab me like October should. I expected October to grab me with colder weather, beautiful changes in tree colors/leaves, and just overall transition to something different. Still, as I end one year of my life and head into another, it's all about perspective. Wrapped another year in my life... Continue Reading →

The Sickness of Unhappiness

Nothing can beat a dog’s healthy happiness. They just love everything. They have optimism about their world that we would want to bottle up. They live extraordinarily happy lives as you can see by my own pictured here, tongue out. Head hanging out the window as they are driven down the street by their owners.... Continue Reading →

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