What’s NOW! October

A Rainbow Year (Image: Shawn Ward)

Hello October!

Although it doesn’t really grab me like October should. I expected October to grab me with colder weather, beautiful changes in tree colors/leaves, and just overall transition to something different. Still, as I end one year of my life and head into another, it’s all about perspective.

Wrapped another year in my life yesterday as I head into year 45. I am challenged with reflecting backwards on what it was like last year for me. Something I would encourage anyone to do. Make sure that angle as you look backwards is with an air of gratitude. You will be as surprised as I am with the accomplishments you’ve overlooked and just didn’t take time to celebrate. Here’s some of mine:

  • Celebrated 18 years of being happily married to the woman of my dreams
  • Crushed my first 26 miles in one run (my first marathon ever) with out quitting.
  • I burned over 77,000+ calories to be at the best weight in my life, losing over 20 lbs last year one month at a time.
  • I averaged over 2-3 books a month finding inspiration in a total of 26 books I’ve never read or opened.
  • I lost another father.
  • Had the best year of growth for my team and leaders in 7 years of working my current location I have ever had!
  • I visited over 12 different states last year, two I’ve never been in before.
  • Posted over 150 posts and achieved the best viewership and readership this year ever since starting to write online  over 2 years ago.

And I could go on and on. See what I mean? That’s just what I recalled in 5 minutes of typing this into the blog. Do it! You will be amazed out how incredible you are. If nothing else, you’ll find you can do more and that is a huge step in finding your purpose.

So what’s next for an encore for year 45? Let’s start with one month at a time. Here’s what October looks like so far.

Reading 📚. The next two weeks I’m all over a couple of books to study and learn for this blog series I am going to explore with you all. They all center on wellness. First up is The Blue Zones by Dan Buettner. Then into next week with Unplug by Suze Yalof Schwartz.

IBTP (In-Between the Pages) 📕. What you can expect from me here the next couple of weeks now that we’ve wrapped up happiness is some deep dives around wellness. There are considered 6 dimensions in our wellness and I think the majority of the time we think it’s one or two – physical wellness or mental wellness. With some help from the books above and Holstee studies I’ve worked through, we’ll learn your wellness is so much deeper and broader than that. When you get the right or corrected perspective, you can really feel a lot more accomplished to a better well being.

Activity and Running 🏃🏻. Just got a great new book for my birthday curated by Runner’s World called Race Everything by Bart Yasso & Erin Strout. Really going to be a recommend for any of you first time runners and experienced runners out there. For me moving forward, it’s not about being 1st any more, I just want to do it because I enjoy it. I want to get to a place where competitively it never becomes a burden and instead is my therapy and my reward. My wife and I have started a better practice together of hitting the gym after we re-upped our membership. Those are the best work outs I experience when she’s there with me. We have a lot of fun singing during our work outs. People think we are crazy, the serious ones more than any. But, you have to have fun working out or why do it?

Work only I can do 👨🏻‍💻. It’s an interesting concept and a different way to approach goals in my career. But, how much of our time really is helping others and doing others work, versus developmentally being focused on only the work we can do? A lot. You have to be incredibly successful at only the work you can do and in that success you will help others far more than doing the work for them they cannot see. I’ve set with my team our focus and goals for fiscal 2018 and we’re moving forward. First week of the new year was strong, but only the first week. Foot is on the gas! 🔥

That is what is in front of my mind and the work I’m already committed to in this month of October. I’ll get everyone another update sometime past the half way mark of the month. Love any feedback or if you feel brave, sharing your focus for the month in the comments below.

Together we achieved over 90+ views to the site, several comments, and reached 8 countries in September. I want to pause and say thank you! I’m inspired by many of your own posts and comments I see daily/weekly. I am even more fired up for October and what’s possible together. Thank you for your views and readership! You keep me moving.



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