2 For 1: Spiritual and Intellectual Wellness

How present do you think you are? (Image: Shawn Ward)

We’re going to wrap up October and start November together ending with our last two dimensions in wellness. Both are really great together in how they work. You need both. You can approach life with a intellectual focus, but ultimately you’re going to need faith in something unseen or belief in something bigger than you to get you through. Both together, brings clarity and intentionality like nothing else to your goal to be a better and healthier you.

Intellectual wellness is our health in abilities to test or continue to learn and problem solve things around us. Putting ourselves in front of something that can really stretch our minds to work harder and push us to figure subjects out. Things like work, going to school, and planning big life events are ways we engage our intellectual wellness everyday. Sometimes with out even realizing it.

Spiritual wellness really begins in connecting to something that is quite larger than ourselves. Trying to understand it. It’s a connection to that something bigger than we are and our engaging it that makes it become a healthy habit, improving our wellness levels. It is also a healthy engagement as to our place in it and where we belong among it.

Intellectual and spiritual working together is an incredible way to engage yourself and your purpose. This quote is a reality we at times don’t want to engage, but need to:

No one likes to suffer, but we go about getting happy the wrong way. We go about it distracting ourselves. – Pema Chodron

Spiritual and intellectual working together can bring a certain awareness to yourself. Taking a minute to be calm and move away from the distractions, engage our mind intellectually about our day, and really thinking about where we fit in or could have fit in is a healthy way to engage anxieties we try to bury. Some of the best problem solving you can engage are the ones that come in the calm and stillness of your day where you can reflect. Finding spiritual truths so you can focus on them to be become healthier don’t usually come in the full on sprints we have during our days to and from. They come in the quiet moments and we need to create more of them.

With better spiritual focus in front of you, intellectual engagement becomes less challenging because your mind is more focused and centered. You can really use the full capacity of your intellectual horsepower to engage the challenges in your life and work. You can hook in quicker by taking the mindset of a novice by freeing yourself of what you think you know about things around you. Go all in on something you’ve never tried is a really healthy way to stimulate creativity, be open to learning something, and burying your ego. Go at something with rigor to really learn it.

Both together, intellectual and spiritual can help you gain a perspective that is unmatched. Daily find ways to challenge yourself to see more than the moment you’re reacting to. Become proactive with your life. Connect to something that is bigger than you and problem solve how to make it more a daily practice to reflect on it. You will start to feel those little things that you’ve made monsters and career stallers, are really just small in comparison to the totality of your life.

I’ve had an incredible month of learning with you and leaning in on wellness this month of October.  There are two challenges I am looking forward to this month.

I’m picking up a challenge for myself to blog, just blog everyday of November what I noticed in my day. No themes, or focus, or direction. Just my learns and observations when I was present in my moments of that day.

The second challenge, is focused on mindfulness where I have to meditate for at least 5 minutes everyday of November. Those are both requirements I will have to plan and make time for in my busy day. Wish me luck and encouragement!

Hope your week has started off well. Thanks for viewing and reading.

Shawn ✌🏻

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