What’s NOW! November

WHEW! October came and went a lot faster than I intended it to. But, what a month of learns and a great platform for November to be launched from. Let’s get into it.

October I learned:

  • One consistent theme in my posting for an entire month gave me a ton to dig into with some rigor and learn from. Particularly I learned a ton more about wellness than I thought I already knew.
  • Time blocking what’s most important is an incredible best practice. I got more time in the passions that I really enjoy than I did the previous month not using it at all. Purpose and intentionality are king when it comes to setting front stage what’s most important. Time blocking that in as a priority made it possible to be much more successful than not.
  • With the theme this past month on wellness I had my second largest month of viewership since I’ve started writing and blogging. I reached over 6 countries with my blog. That was a learn in itself because you never know who you can impact. You do know how many you can impact if you never try: 0
  • Journaling to kick off my day and journaling/recapping how my day played out in real time is a great best practice that kept me focus on goals that were most important. I learned what gets in the way and what accelerates them with this practice.
  • I read a lot more, which is why my posts got much more consistent than previous months with my learns or findings. The readings inspired thoughts and ideas that gave substance to my focus for this past month.

Now November. Here’s where we’ll start:

  • IBtP (In-Between the Pages): I got a 30 day challenge of blogging every day. The idea is to log what I observed or learned from my day. No themes like wellness in October. Just free form and as much in my head for the day laid all out. Should be an interesting journey. I want to try vlogging. This is my next step in using this platform and a step in the direction of eventually getting up a podcast. At least a year before I think I’ll be ready for podcasting. #goals 🔥
  • Books: I got several books on tap that I wanted to dive into this month. Here’s a few:
    • Are You Fully Charged by Tom Rath
    • Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin
    • Coffee Lunch Coffee by Alana Muller
    • Extreme Productivity by Robert C. Pozen
    • Focus by Daniel Goleman
    • Smarter Faster Better by Charles Duhig
    • Winning by Jack Welch with Suzy Welch
    • Write It Down, Make It Happen by Henriette Anne Klauser

Just a few right? 😉 I want to get in a couple books a week. Speed reading don’t fail me now.

  • Training and Running. I’m in this place with this particular passion where I no longer want to run for a PR or faster, I just want to enjoy the run. So this month I will still be running a lot between 20-30 miles each week, rack up some more races nationally, and really just spend time reflecting on why I do it. I’m fit and I’ve proven I can beat myself. What’s next? Longer runs? Ultra? I’m not sure. But, I’m not ready to let it go and I also don’t want to burn out on it.
  • Work. I’m in midst of the biggest three months of my career. Every year figuring out how to beat my best has been so rewarding and fascinating. Especially in how I see my team grow. Our best work is ahead of us and the team really is seeing the rewards their hard developmental work brings. We will continue to focus across our work groups to keep in focus the best work of our lives and why we are here. It’s going to be our best holiday season together yet. We’re going to work really hard at teamwork and really innovate together. I’m excited to bring their best to my peers. Some competencies I’m looking at accelerating and evolving this month are:
    • Developing Direct Reports and Others at a higher level.
    • Building Effective teams through out the organization; creating a robust developmental/learning culture through out.
    • Motivating others with out telling them what they need to do to have a more rewarding time at work.
    • Using organizational agility to get the most from my resources in my reach outside of my work group to accelerate the work of my teams I lead.

Going to be a incredible first quarter!

That’s where I will start with my digs the first week of this month both personal and professional. More to come! Thanks for holding me accountable!

Shawn ✌🏻


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