Be Kind Rewind: Day 2 of 30

I tried to take what I learned about triggers yesterday and apply better awareness to them. I came up with an old saying that used to be posted by video stores back in the VHS rental days, “Be Kind, Rewind.” The idea was to share with customers an idea before you come with your returned videos, show kindness by rewinding the movies before returning them so that others when they finally rented them didn’t have to. It was a curtesy.

In my case today, it was a motto I kept in my head to battle triggers when they came up. To take a moment, rewind what just took place, and pause before reacting to it. It helped me to live less reactionary which really was off putting yesterday to the people I worked with, think through what the outcome might become if I took next steps, and then rewind it back before I moved forward.

It worked. I had a clear head and perspective. Taking a pause before we react, letting it role play through our heads, and then rewinding back to the beginning is a great best practice. It can bring your best to the surface. It can bring composure and peace to the most stressful challenges.

We need to have our minds fully attentive to what’s happening to make the best choices for ourselves and for others we may be helping in real time. If we don’t, our mind takes flight and we flip into a potential blindspot. And that can make us very anxious. We get overwhelmed and completely reactive. In those moments our worst judgment towards what’s going on around us can give us false intentions.

Being kind and rewinding before going forward as a practice can snap us back to where we are in that moment putting our best selves forward.

Thanks for reading and I hope you’re week is going well. ✌🏻


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