Exhausted: Day 3 of 30

It’s hard for me to sit here tonight about 11 pm and get something down. But, if I don’t, just three days in I’ll be breaking the chain and letting myself down. I’ll be missing a really fresh thought and the learns from the day just fall away. It needs to be logged as one for the history books.

Today was an amazing day of connecting with the community around my work. It’s hard to describe when you look in 360 degrees around yourself and you see so many people smiling. So many people connecting with one another on a really deep level. Community, true community unfolded for me.

Now the work is keeping the spirit of that alive. There were so many positive comments from the teams today about the way one of the busiest days of the year we will have, played out. It took months of training for this one set of 15 hours play out the way it did. We didn’t just start doing it. We practiced a lot. Then seeing all that practice come together and just sync was one of the best human feats I have ever seen. It was incredible.

The next day and day after will be the truest of tests. We’re ready. We’ve set the table and now we’re going to invite the world in. The test might be even harder than today’s. We’re up for it.

Shawn ✌🏻

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