A Day That Ends Well: Day 4 of 30

Feels incredible when you get a entire plan to come together and it just lands the way you want it. Even in the face of some unforeseen challenges, it goes exactly the way you predicted it to. If not even maybe a little better than expected. That’s been this weekend for me and the team.

I ended a second day of a weekend with work that has been indescribable in it’s reach and impact. Both for the teams as well as those we reach. Nothing beats looking back with a perspective of, “Yeah we crushed it!” I wonder, is it just that moment or is it something we can make last beyond the next 60-90 minutes? That feeling I mean. Does it change the way we do our morning or evening routines? If not, why? Because, something that big, should change you and your routines. Was it really a challenge if it didn’t?

When I hear the words “you were very successful” and then get the opportunity to say it to someone else it means more than a high five to me. When I say and have said “you were successful” I want that person or team to understand they are capable of more than they ever thought possible. I want them to remember themselves in those moments. As I’ve said in past blogs, we can draw on those moments to fuel our goals and push ourselves through walls. It’s fuel. Where your head goes, so goes your actions and your energy.

I’ve come to understand and enjoy the fact that I never every really arrive. If I ever did, it would be my end. I would cease to have that feeling that I or my team accomplished something bigger than ourselves. I know if I was able to have a chat with my 54 year old self 10 years from now, I’d tell me that the challenges are bigger with bigger things. To never stop being committed to accomplishing huge audacious wins. Because Shawn, it doesn’t get any easier.

I like to make promises that I am not sure I can keep, than try and figure out how to keep them. I did a lot of that going into this weekend of challenges. And, I kept every single of them.

Thanks for viewing. Have a great rest of the weekend.

Shawn ✌🏻

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