Stir it Up: Day 7 of 30

I learned that if I don’t have something to challenge my mind it potentially just kind of falls apart. I become aloof. I lose major productivity points.

Settling into comfortable routines, my thinking starts to become stagnant and rigid. One of the things I said I like to do a few days back was make promises and then find ways to not break them. Like I needed a challenge, we need challenges like solving a problem or pursuing an opportunity. Having a great dose of risk and even dealing with something new are great ways to mix it up. We need to bring vitality to our minds or we wither and become less potent in our pursuits.

Appreciating the creative power that turbulence can bring is a great thing. Turbulence can be looked at as destructive. For example, turbulent seas have been known to capsize ships and rupture underwater pipelines. Turbulent waters can also be beneficial. If you can temper and harness turbulent water you can take the kinetic power of waves and power turbines with them. Those turbines in turn create electricity that can power entire city blocks.

Turbulence creates a very dynamic mixing of materials that are typically separated when at rest that might not be joined otherwise. You need and want turbulence in your life. Planned turbulence.

I reflect often on the many times I’ve had turbulence in my life. Almost all of those times new things came together for me as a result. The turbulence changed me.

This week how can you stir things up? What can you question? What can you challenge? And, what can you eliminate? Love to see some those things in the comments below as you experiment a little outside of your comfort zones like I will be this entire month. Tomorrow is hump day. But, does it really have to be?

✌🏻 Shawn

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