Going Stag: Day 13 of 30

Every waking animal is driven to its purpose with a whack.

I heard today a lot of things that would cause people to avoid doing something different or new today:

“It’s not important.”

“I don’t have time.”

“I already have the answer.”

To me, these are all things that can keep me where I am and keep me from trying out new ideas. Attitudes that if I adopt them only lead to me being safely stuck where I am. I don’t like being stuck in one place, it’s boring. Not only that, they lead to stagnation which is what came to mind to me today.

Like a riding horse (which I’m not saying whacking one is appropriate just to be clear) with a gentle nudge from a rider makes it move into a canter or trot. Sometimes I need someone to gently nudge me to a trot and get me off my butt to make things move. I’m pretty self motivated, but every once in a while it’s good to get that nudge.

There are three questions that I have learned can be good nudges for others when we may be trying to help get them moving or some self talk we can give ourselves to be self-motivated to move:

Am I getting lazy? Am I becoming to big for myself? Am I getting timid?

If I or they answer affirmatively to any one of those, that’s a danger zone, set off the flares. I need to set a tighter deadline for myself or others refocusing on a specific objective. If I or they are to arrogant, then imagine if the situation you or they are feeling arrogant about never existed. What if it was completely gone? Would you miss it? And if I am shying away from it, then I need to take a better risk and put myself into a real challenge so I or they can get a better sense of who I or they are.

Stagnation to me is just a slow death and I hate it when it can happen in myself or teams that I have a chance to lead. The great news, I and we can move out of it with just some reflection time and resetting our goals.

Hope your start to the week is going well. Thanks for reading and keeping me from going stag!

✌🏻 Shawn

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