What’s Important NOW! Mid November Check In

Six weeks until Christmas! 🤔 Unreal how the days and months fly by. Middle of November and moving into Thanksgiving week next week. Lots to be proud of in where I am this month with my goals personally and professionally.

IBtP. I started off the month putting myself into a position of a 30 day writing challenge. The goal was to post a blog everyday this month, see what happens with views/visitors to the site, and improve my writing with the daily practice of writing about my learns for the day. It’s been more of a daily journal and reflection moment each day than really anything else. How have you responded? I’m on track to break over 100+ views, my highest ever in a month. Over 10 countries have visited my work. Lastly, I’ve doubled likes/new followers over the month of October. Love to get some more comments on the content. I’ve not felt like I’ve been posting the same content each day, which is great and challenging for me to do.

Reading. I’ve not gotten any where close to the amount of reading done that I’ve wanted to this month. I’m doubling down on what’s left to read. I’ve picked up some casual reading and read one book for the sake of learning something new. Next update I’ll have more to share.

Marathon 2.0 I’ve bought the next marathon and will begin training again this Jan. Sub four hour run is the goal. That would definitely be a PR. I’m pretty excited and focused actually at helping my wife train for her very first half marathon this spring in Hawaii! It’s going to be a great goal achievement for her and an incredible running experience for both of us. It’s been over 13 years since we last visited Hawaii for a vacation. Cannot wait to get there and run Diamond Head!

Work. I’ve accepted a assignment that is really going to take me out of any comfort zones I might have unknowingly fallen into. I have a very tight time frame to make a great impact in a new area of influence. As my post stated today (You Want Some Fries with That Stake?: Day 14 of 30) there is a lot at stake. Super up for it and amped to immerse myself in the opportunity. Super humble at the same time to be considered to run with such a challenge and given the opportunity to help others reach their optimal selves. More to come. On top of the change of scenery for the next 6-7 weeks I’m also moving into our biggest and most challenging time of the year this QT. My favorite time of the year with work. Our vision and purpose is simple: Deliver on the gift of imagination, enrich the lives of everyone who will let us, and practice gratitude in our most challenging opportunities where ever they may be.

With a little over two weeks left in this month, I’m super engaged and feel great heading into month 12 of the year. I’ve been running a marathon the last 11 months, the end is in sight, and its time to start sprinting 😝

✌🏻 Shawn

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