You Want Some Fries With That Stake?: Day 14 of 30

Almost half way mark with my 30 day challenge! I’ve made a post every single day since day one. This by far is the most consistent I’ve been posting, but also the most aware and challenged I’ve ever been with my writing. There was a lot at stake.

I think having something at stake keeps us fresh and alive with some zest in our days. If we approached the start of every day with some kind of feeling of anxiety that we could lose everything, wouldn’t we tackle it or treat it with more attentiveness?

This Tuesday post is going to be one of my smallest and kind of carry over from day 13. Have something at stake in your day. Wether that is survival, self-esteem, money, reputation – keep it in front of you so you can be super motivated to make your ideas successful. Imagine if you didn’t. If you didn’t you’d never know if you could change your current situation. Reliving the same day over and over again is not my idea of a life worth living or one that is exciting.

What do you have at stake in your current situation? What would be the consequences of your failing in that endeavor? How does meeting this challenge in front of you invigorate you?

I have a great opportunity for me in the next 6-7 weeks with work. There is a lot at stake everyday if I don’t practice those three simple questions mentioned above. I have a short period of time to make a big splash in this new assignment. Failing could set me back years in my work in moving forward and these career experiences don’t happen often. At the same time, I’m completely amped to take it on. The thrill is exhilarating and rejuvenating.

We need to keep moving or we will be consumed and lose our zest to be the best version of ourselves. Approaching each and every day with the idea that everything in front of us is at stake can be a incredible motivator.

Tomorrow is hump day, it’s all down hill for the rest of the week from here. Instead of walking down that hill, take a flying run down it 🏃🏻🔥

✌🏻 Shawn

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