Discipline: Day 15 of 30

Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most. – Lincoln

Officially hitting the half way point in my challenge to make a post for everyday this month, it’s really been all about discipline. What can discipline teach us is whether are passionate about something to see it carried through. That answer is easy for me, but may not be for you.

I would like to share some strategies I’ve learned that to make the chore that discipline can sometimes cause, be easier to overcome. It’s hard to stay self-motivated at times and with all our daily distractions competing for our head space, it can be really difficult to feel accomplished in your work to retrain yourself towards your goals.

Focus on short sprints when doing the work. For example, I set a 25 minute timer while in the work and then take a break for 5 minutes returning to another 25 minute sprint if needed. This gives me a break from hard work to rest, then go at it again with a fresh clear mind. You’d think 5 minutes is not enough, but it’s an eternity when you’ve been going at something 100% and just enough for your brain to reset.

Question your own pursuits. Take the very essence of your discipline and remind yourself why you’re so hardcore at making this something you want to do. We need reminders about why we are doing something to give it our all. In our focus to go after something and move forward we can get so narrow with our vision, we lose perspective of the entire menu of choices available during our journey. That time out can increase our work tremendously and give us greater perspective for the next level of our work. It also forces us to be mindful of our impact on others as we move towards our goals. You get the joy and blessings that comes with the positive impacts and inspiration you might be providing others just trying, themselves, to get started.

The very definition states discipline is “punishment inflicted by way of correction and training”. Kind of harsh and negative. Find the joy in your discipline and make sure you’re taking time to celebrate your milestones. It’s fuel to get you to continue. The mind is tricky. It can sense that if your thinking how horrible your work is to get to the goal through the disciplines you’re currently practicing, it will start to protect you. Literally, your brain will flip into defensive postures to get you to stop because it can feel how unhappy you are. Sprinkle some happy in there by celebrating every single win. No matter how small. Release some endorphins into your body so your brain understands this is what you need and to do more. Which, is our “correction and training” part of our discipline.

So, space your work out with some short rests in between, keep your why in front of you as you learn your discipline, and celebrate the change discipline creates in you along the way.

Hope you’re weekend going into Friday is going to be outstanding!

✌🏻 Shawn


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