24 Hour Vegetarian Challenge: Day 17 of 30

Today’s challenge seemed well and easy enough. I had to be a practicing vegetarian for the entire day. Not vegan, but vegetarian. It was hard trying to find places that I could just have plant based options. But that was why it was great to take on this challenge that hit my inbox this morning.

Every place I went there was very little if any options for vegetarians. I had to pay attention and be very aware of what I was checking out. Salad fast food options, they don’t really exist. I learned a ton about someone who has this diet everyday as a lifestyle. I learned how to eat differently and choose healthier options. Lastly, it made me really pause, reflect, and be much more mindful about my choices.

This proved to me that anything can be willed to life if you give it enough attention and focus. There a were a couple of times I wanted to just throw in the towel and just get something meat based. It would be easy, no one would know but me, and at the end of the day I could live with the decision to cheat. Or, could I?

It was something that I have never done before. I was very certain there was going to be something that I was going to learn. I didn’t anticipate that it would open my eyes and awareness to being so much more mindful of choices that I make. I felt great at the end of the day as I stuck to my goal until the very end. I have much more respect for vegetarians as a culture than I did before I took on this challenge. I can, with the right attitude, make the choice to eat better.

You don’t have to take the challenge of being a vegetarian for a day to get this same take away. As long as you do something you’ve never done before you will get the same rewards I got. This weekend, take a challenge. It won’t work if it’s something you have kind of done before. It needs to be something that is out there. Something you’ve been curious of trying, but never did. I promise you, at the end of the challenge, you will be different.

Have a great weekend!

✌🏻 Shawn

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