Finding Yourself: Day 20 of 30


On a circle, an end point can also be a beginning point.

If you change the frame your looking at, you change the meaning. And, that is exactly the point here, we don’t change the frame enough. We choose to look at the current state of our reality and see it in only one light. We get frustrated with that versus changing it.

If you were to say, “Make me one with everything” to a teacher of religious mysticism, it signifies one thing, but to your hair dresser it means something completely different. Change the frame. Something can have more than one meaning.

Life and work is full of ambiguity, and it is context that determines meaning. And meaning is where our happiness comes from. Not from seeking out happiness in and of itself.

Much of creativity is the skill to take something out of one context and put it in other contexts so that it takes on new meanings. We’re stuck because we don’t put challenges into a different perspective.

A lot of my friends think that eating raw oysters is disgusting. I don’t and actually think they’re delicious. The first person to look at an oyster and think “food” had this ability to see something in it that others didn’t. So did the first inventor who looked at bacterial mold and think antibiotics. Change your frame.

A Nobel prize winning physician Albert Szent-Gyorgyi put it this way;

Discovery consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else, and thinking something different.

You’re stuck, change your frame. Can’t find it at the desk at work, go for a 5 minute walk around the office. Can’t find it on the couch, go for a 30 minute run. Can’t find it in the noise of your travels, put on some noise canceling headphones and put on a guided meditation track.

Change your frame.

✌🏻 Shawn

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