Holiday Stress, NAH: Day 26 of 30

Rocky IV1985 rŽal. : Sylvester Stallone Dolph Lundgren Collection Christophel
Rocky IV 1985 rŽal. : Sylvester Stallone Dolph Lundgren Collection Christophel

What sets you off? I mean really sets you off? We all have triggers, be okay with that. What you cannot be okay with though is letting these triggers control you. You need to be aware of them and manage them. Otherwise, you can do a lot of damage. Damage that at times, will kill friendships and be career stallers for yourself.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • What are the triggers that create a knee jerk reaction for you?
  • When do you feel you need to speak more than listen?
  • When do you completely feel overwhelmed?
  • When at work, what do you wish people would do?
  • Lastly, what do you actually think it is rude for people to do?

Recognizing and coming into a place with our own reactions to triggers improves your emotional intelligence and resilience.

Another way to identify when our triggers are getting the best of us is monitoring our own body language. Here’s some signs to be aware of:

  • Sweaty sticky palms
  • Migraines or strong headaches
  • Back aches and humped over shoulders
  • Shortness of breath and sometimes panic or anxiety
  • Distractedness and haphazard approach to our strategies

Lastly, I thought a great article that takes the above deeper was in order. Anne Grady does a incredible job through HBR (Harvard Business Review) of helping us manage our stress better.

The jump: Adapted from “Handle Your Stress Better by Knowing What Causes It,” by Anne Grady

Perfect timing as we get into full holiday swing at work and in our personal lives.


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