Do Terrible Work

Get Off the Cycle (Image: Shawn Ward)

Wait, what?

You can’t build a brand in yourself or for those that you are reaching out to if you are not willing to start. To put it all out there. You might as well have not done anything if you are to afraid to at least put it all out there.

Work through resistance by working in something uncomfortable. There is so much to pick from. Stop hiding. Do the work. Sacrifice your sacred cow. Search inside for the most uncomfortable thing you could do and wanted to do, but never started. That’s where you begin.

Become a social leader. Find a way to connect with your audience by sharing your worst work and what you’ve learned by doing it. Write from your guts and what you learned by working through grit. The real person inside, not the one you think your audience wants. They know that one, give them someone they don’t know. People are underwater and trying hard to find a way. Be the one to give them the hope they need.

Update your OS. Move out of version 1.0 and give them 2.0 Improve your personal platform. There are people out there that find your passions aligning with their own. You don’t get to excellent by practicing once or twice. Getting to excellent doesn’t happen that way. It’s grown. It takes the willingness to do it over, and over, and over again consistently. Even if the odds tell you, you might never get there or arrive.

Most great ideas we have, never get off the ground because we don’t take the first step in bringing it to life. As humans, we are terrible with uncertainty and see it as a weakness when instead it is a strength.

I learn from the experiences of others. We need more others out there. Put it out and worry less about whether it’s good enough or not. Become timeless.

Waste no more time trying to argue what a good man or woman should be like. Go be one.

✌🏻 Shawn

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