Happy New Year

The choice is yours, always had been. (Image: Shawn Ward)

We all have the power to be fully engaged or not. I wanted to throw a quick post up as you get ready to jump into 2018 and start the long road to getting what you want.

Three things I’ve gotten advice on that have profound impacts for us as we set goals in 2018: you are in control, give yourself options, and set goals.

The best way to measure how in control you are is how open and how well you listen to feedback from others. This entire blog is possible because I’ve used my personal learns from feedback others have given me. By being open to feedback and practicing listening as often as possible, you make it less about you and get the opportunity to see everything that is at your disposal. It’s super common for you to have anxieties about your new goals for 2018, but by being open and listening for feedback you will find you’re not alone in your work. The added benefit of all this listening and being open to feedback will also increase your emotional intelligence skills.

Giving yourself options. If anyone of us just depended on our educations to place us in the best work of our lives, we’d all still be on the couch watching Netflix with no jobs. Education is important, don’t take that statement to mean it’s not. I have a Associates in Arts with no BA. I would not be where I am today if I just counted on my education to place me in the job of my dreams. I’ve read and found the best ways to increase your options available is by increasing your network of contacts. Everyone pretty much can say they have two kinds: professional and personal. As you progress in life, tap into them and you will be surprised by the amount of options that open up to you. I started writing publicly like this over two years ago by first using a contact that was already doing it, asking if I could be a guest poster from time to time, and then decided a year ago it was time to start my own. Through one contact I opened myself up to a variety of experiences that led to my own blog spot.

Lastly, set goals. You have to keep learning and taking risks. It’s super important to stay curious and hungry. Setting some outlandish big goals has a way of doing or creating curiosity. It’s really less about whether you make the goal or not. Honestly, it’s about the journey and what it teaches you about yourself as you strive to get there. Setting goals keep you sharp and focused. It’s less about perfection and all about giving yourself the platform to grow or learn. Sooner or later you will get what you want and what you’re passionate about. But first, you’ve got to adopt a regular attitude of leaning into learning by setting goals.

I wish you all the best of luck into 2018. I’m excited to bring something new to the blog this year. I’m going to try video blogging for the first time. Looking forward to the feedback and all the comments you can give me that will help me be successful. Or, tell me I’m out of mind.

Happy New Year!

✌🏻 Shawn

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