Innovation Is Our Success

(Image: Shawn Ward – Ford Museum Detroit, MI)

Most of us are capable of being more innovative than we demonstrate. Most if not all of us at some point were taught to be restrained, narrow, focused, hesitant, overly cautious, conservative, afraid to fail, and completely unwilling to make a fool of ourselves. This can bring a very chilling affect to an innovative spirit already inside of us.

Below is a great 1:53 minute, very short film about the dangers of allowing what we were taught above to rule over our work and journey. It’s called Innovation. It’s more of a commercial than anything else designed by Panerai. They make some incredibly beautiful time pieces.

Watching it is a great exercise in listening. What the film taught me about innovation in it’s very short 1:53 minutes was:

  • Future strength can come from future pasts. You can learn from it and be better.
  • Leave absolutely nothing to chance. No one has consistency in winning by leaving it to chance.
  • Are you prepared to go to new lengths? Anything worthwhile and new is going to challenge you, push you past what you’ve achieved before.
  • Conquer the undefeated every chance you can. Even if you don’t win, you’ll find out what you’re truly made of.
  • Don’t wait for it to happen. See above point #2 about leaving nothing to chance.
  • Champions make it happen. I’ve never seen a Olympian gold medalist get a gold medal by just showing up. That will it into happening with practice, discipline, and purpose.

They end with the title of the post above, “…innovation is our success.” The entire 1:53 minutes boils down to that. So simple. Innovating is your key to success. With out that practice, you’re just getting lucky and it’s not going to be sustainable.

You can read, watch, and listen to anything someone else just did and find a completely different message. That’s great. I’d love to read what your thoughts were and if they were different then mine by throwing them in the comments below.

Hope your week has been full of little learns and ah-ha moments that give you the energy you need to make it to finish line. I’ll be cheering you on 🏁

✌🏻 Shawn

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