Morning Joe

Pure Chemistry (Image: Shawn Ward)

It’s an experience. It’s what I enjoy preparing and enjoy consuming. It’s part of every morning before I leave for the day. Addiction? Habit? Center? It’s all of them probably. Everyone needs something like this before they start their day.

I have found so much peace in just a cup of great coffee. Sometimes I make it and prepare it myself. Sometimes others prepare it for me. Either way. I enjoy it and I hardly ever miss it.

It’s a ritual for me if I make it. From the grinding, to the perfect temperature of the water, and even the right cup. I go to the extreme to make it perfect. An art even. I enjoy pour over and French press mostly. However, I’ll take drip from a hotel coffee maker.

The point and simple post today – start your day with something you really enjoy. Start your day with a passion. Make it the very first thing on your to do list. You will find like I do, after doing it over and over, it’s the one thing that if everything else goes to garbage you’ve made the best. That tiny thing and start to your day, will be something you need and will come back to you when your world goes sideways. It will be your guarantee there is good out there, something went right, and you made it possible. You can create and own your happiness. Nobody else can take that from you, it’s yours.

☕️ Shawn

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