Just do it...Just get it...Just hang in there...Just smile...Just go...Just win...Just one more mile...and on, and on. There are days though were you just can't do it. Days where you're underwater and not for lack of trying, cannot get back above the water line. You're drowning. Its okay. Doesn't mean you've failed. It just means... Continue Reading →

Arrogance is Your Undoing

Success is great. I love it. When you hit that moment you've been fighting all day, week, month, and year for it feels incredible. Repeating that success over and over again, even better. But its dangerous. I'm not saying you cannot be successful. I'm saying beware of how it can change you. We can be... Continue Reading →

All I See Are Green Lights

Embrace the suck zone. There's a lot it can tell you. I spent half of my life avoiding things because I was to cautious or didn't want to go there. Pain, green light. Tough challenge and uncertainty, green light.   We are all going to hit that suck zone sooner than later. What we decide... Continue Reading →

All In

Do not even attempt a job if you do not plan to do the best you know how. - Eleanor Roosevelt Perseverance is won and earned, its not given. What's your steadfastness quotient despite the difficulty or pending delays to get started? Why are doing it? How are you prioritizing that work of the biggest... Continue Reading →

Time Will Tell

  My last post was 2/7/2018 over almost two weeks ago. I went ghost with posting and writing. Sometimes with your craft and work, its the best thing you can do. What I have been up to during that time? Several things actually. Studying subject matter and ingesting just about everything I can get my... Continue Reading →


A word I have been pondering and applying to my journals daily this week has been potential. Potential is defined by Webster as an adjective: having or showing the capacity to become or develop into something in the future And as a noun: Latent qualities or abilities that may develop and lead to future successes... Continue Reading →

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