Sensory Markers Are Keys to Avoiding Groundhog Day Syndrome

Using the back and white picture I took above, what do you imagine it smelled like? What colors do you think you’d see? How would the seats feel? What about the temperature? You think it’s cold out? What sounds would be heard?

I’ve learned that people will forgive what you said, people will forgive what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Using all our senses and paying attention to a wide variety of different information can teach you a lot. If you happen to be a person that is visually oriented in nature, focusing on sound and smell will teach you something different than just totally relying on only visual strengths. Same thing if you are sound oriented. Flipping your focus to be be more smell and touch oriented over sound will teach you something different.

Greek philosopher Heraclitus had this to say:

If all things turned to smoke, the nose would become the discerning organ.

If you’re analytically oriented, focus on how something feels. Your teams and friends and families will thank you. You’ll be considered someone who is all engaged and there. Think of one of your favorite holidays or favorite family moments right now closing your eyes. Now with your eyes closed and focused, what were the smells, sights, tastes, feelings, and sounds related to that day?

Pretty easy to recall right? A lot of sensory things come to mind readily right? Now, open your eyes and with the goal you want to achieve in mind do the same exercise. What are the smells, sights, tastes, feelings, and sounds you think would be associated with it? Write it down somewhere once you got it. This will be a important thing to review as you move forward towards your work in achieving what you felt or want others to feel. Think of them as sensory markers on the way to achieving what you want.

As you continue, review:

  • What other senses can you use? Enhance the focus in the moment.
  • Pick one of your senses say “touch.” How would your goal or idea appear if you received no touch information at all? Adjust from those learns accordingly.

What you really want from that exercise is linking associations with the other senses to spark you mind into problem solving overdrive. These feelings will be incredibly useful to your issue or challenge ahead. Your mind will remember these learns over any others with strong sensory learns you imprint it with along the journey. Your memory recall will be incredible when you need to access best practices you’ve experienced with all your senses.

Get out of that Ground Hog Day grind by introducing some new sensory learns through regularly practicing. It is a simple exercises to boost your productivity and provide you with lots of input for the win!

✌🏻 Shawn

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