Do you think for a minute an athlete doesn’t think about their own potential? Adopt an athlete’s mindset in everything you go after. (Image: Shawn Ward)

A word I have been pondering and applying to my journals daily this week has been potential. Potential is defined by Webster as an adjective:

  1. having or showing the capacity to become or develop into something in the future

And as a noun:

  1. Latent qualities or abilities that may develop and lead to future successes or usefulness
  2. the quantity determining the energy of mass in a gravitational field or of change in an electric field

Personally, I like to think of it and myself as the noun over that of the adjective. My latent qualities come into view only when I push myself or put myself into a place where I can learn. Learn something about myself through struggle. Thus, realize my potential. If I had not, those abilities would not be realized, they’d stay dormant.

When those latent abilities such as what my mindfulness training/habits have given me become strong, it attracts. I become the “mass” that others cannot escape the gravitational pull of. The energy. It puts me into a position to help others reach their own potentials. A trusted advisor.

Then I see it in the adjective form as well. I review the word in its context this week in what its helped me to become by the end of the week. The capacity at which I can play and have played with this week’s work/life pursuits is deeper. My future self is something I am much happier with than the one that started the week out.

Not sure what this new week’s word to ponder will be, but I like the simplicity of having one word, one lens. The lens which I keep front and center all week filtering everything I do through. It gives me purpose and focuses my intentionality. Am I approaching this work with “potential” or with zero effort?

Thanks for reading. Hope the weekend is going well.

✌🏻 Shawn

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