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Do not even attempt a job if you do not plan to do the best you know how. – Eleanor Roosevelt

Perseverance is won and earned, its not given. What’s your steadfastness quotient despite the difficulty or pending delays to get started? Why are doing it? How are you prioritizing that work of the biggest thing you have to get done? Lets start with eating that frog! Let me explain or better yet, let Brian Tracy explain:

Become a master in the work you’re going to take on. As I said yesterday, become a subject matter  expert. That takes time. Get to 2:47 (min/sec) on this video and it gets really powerful.

You might not be working with a bonsai, but your art, your work, is the same thing. The process of the collaboration with the best work of your life has to be strong. You have to respect your work. As it states in the video, if you’re not in it, you don’t respect it, then you shouldn’t do it. In that case, you need to walk away. Respect the work. To become a master, that’s just the beginning and a best practice. At every endeavor choose to do it your best. Don’t take the short cuts, do it better each day.

Those few simple deep looks into yourself:

  • Have clarity about the biggest task to go after, prioritizing it first everyday
  • Respect your work build a collaborative relationship with it
  • Incrementally doing it better everyday

This is some of what you will discover it takes to go after something that will change you forever as you set out to complete it. If after all that, if it’s worth it to you, you feel the energy/excitement for it still, your in a great spot to be successful. Forget about everyone else being the critic of your work, you’ll have enough to deal with being a critic of yourself on your own. Build resilience.

✌🏻 Shawn

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