All I See Are Green Lights

Run Those Lights (Image: Shawn Ward)
Embrace the suck zone. There’s a lot it can tell you. I spent half of my life avoiding things because I was to cautious or didn’t want to go there. Pain, green light. Tough challenge and uncertainty, green light.
We are all going to hit that suck zone sooner than later. What we decide to do at that moment in time, will define us for the rest of our lives.
You will a majority of the time fail in the short term. Seeing beyond the moment is hard to do. Beyond the edges of the suck zone yet, is a new you filled with promise and surprise at what you are capable of.
It’s no secret to some of my closest family, friends, and mentors that I love to be an idiot. I found embracing that inner idiot is a great coping mechanism to getting through the suck. Laughing my way through has always served me well. A spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down. A cup, even better!
Your most inspiring mission statement can fall pray to obscurity. Keep it a premium. Make it the rocket fuel you fill your tank with before starting everyday. Reflect on it. Recite it. Read it out loud. Let it give you the inner sense of purpose it got created for. We all need an inner sense of purpose to find ourselves engaged enough to get through.
What can you grab that creates momentum? Look for the purpose the goal has for your future self. Will it make you better? Will your best self become realized if you can get to the end? You want the work you’re doing here and now to contribute to a future goal or self.
Set a pathway to achieve what you want! The problem with our goals we set out to achieve is they lack a process to get there. Instead of stating, “I want to train for a marathon” we should be stating “I want to be ready for a marathon in 16 weeks.” Or, “I will spend 5 hours running this week towards my 16 week training plan.” Don’t write up generic goals. Instead, write a goal that contains a process and has a clear actionable in it.
I hope Friday provides a great opportunity for challenge. Run that red light, you won’t get a ticket. I promise. So long as its not in a car when you do it.
✌🏻 Shawn

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