Your Moments

FOMO. Fear of missing out. It’s real. We don’t live in the moments enough that we are given. Those very small significant moments that define us. The ones that can bring about the very best version of ourselves if we let them. If we could just be present long enough to notice the pattern before us sooner. But, we hang on to our passiveness to command those moments letting them happen to us versus creating them.

My most memorable moments I have were ones of a few teachers I had in my life. I was lucky. I was able to be present during that time in my life at just the right moments to take from them what they were trying to teach me. Those were the most meaningful and memorable times that later gave me exactly what I needed in my adult life. The gift of creativity they showed me has served me very well today.

In business, take Ritz-Carlton. They create moments and lead their work by focusing on creating moments for their customers everyday. There is a little known story from them that there was a boy who had left during a family stay, a beloved stuffed animal. The father contacting the hotel asked them to send a picture of the giraffe so the little boy could see that the giraffe was safe and sound. Not only did they send the family one picture, they sent a whole album of them. The giraffe having the time of its life in various experiences and locations around the property to show the father’s son, his beloved friend was doing exceptionally well and waiting for him to return. This was a created moment that defied the family’s expectations and one they will never ever forget. Create memorable experiences for yourself and in others by defying the regular script. Break from traditional expectations.

What happens when the moment of trying to be success doesn’t land? Most of us would walk away and abandon the entire journey with out ever looking back. But, what if the very journey we took for granted because we lost, were the very moments we were meant to learn from? The memories of what it took to get to each milestone along the way, what about those? There are no sure things, but there a ton of things we can learn from our failures that provide insight. I wanted to run a sub 4 hour marathon for my first marathon. I didn’t accomplish it and it took me almost 5 hours to do it. I didn’t give up running as you now know. I did learn how not to run my next marathon. I also remember every mile up to the race and during that race it took to get to the finish. Next time, this June 2018 when I run it again, I will be much more successful.

Action leads to insight more often than insights leads to action.

Helping others see their own success and achieve their goals is an incredible way to create memorable moments. I am super passionate in helping others achieve the best version of themselves. I want to leave everyone I meet in a better place than how we first met. I find an incredible amount of value and pride in that work. It’s a powerful kind of moment curation that transforms me. Time and time again studies have shown regularly showing appreciation in and for others works is the single best way to motivate them. However, you’d find incredibly surprising as well, it is also the most lacking in our social cultures. For example, it might be surprising to you that 80% of bosses think they give frequent praise, 80% of employees believe that praise is only given occasionally.

We need to be better stewards of our moments and memories. Harness them for the energy they provide us. They might not be the fuel we need next, but, if we can hold onto them long enough because we learned from them, they will be the fuel we need at the moments we need it. Putting these memories and moments to work, you will not only create them for yourself, but others. My challenge this week for you is to look at your work and personal social circles. Share a moment of gratitude you have from working or being with them. What it truly means for them to be in your life. Take what might be a standard moment in time and make it memorable before the chance is gone.

✌🏻 Shawn

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