It's time to grow. Pretty excited for the next chapter for In-Between the Pages. I hope you hang out with me, give me feedback, and let me know if I am helping you. What's next over the next few months? It's not hidden anywhere on the site about my passion for running. I've written and... Continue Reading →

Thank You!

Just a short time out to say thank you for the following and reading. I appreciate you more than I think you realize. You motivate and make me accountable to my craft. You push me to come up with new and different experiences and learning so that I have content to post here weekly. You... Continue Reading →

Just Listen

The best way to provide emotional first aid to others is often just to listen. Our problem, we listen to respond more often then listening to just learn so we can support. Sophie Andrews has a great lesson for us in this Ted Talk. It's a little longer than I usually post for a video,... Continue Reading →

What’s the Priority?

When we say we don't have time for something, what we're really saying is it's not a priority. Writing, reading, and learning is a priority for me. It's my library and space that I use constantly to connect with everyone in my social reach. People do not decide their futures, they decide their habits and... Continue Reading →

Our Best and Worst Selves

I have a constant curiosity in human behavioral studies and learning. I enjoy studying both when we are at our best and when we are at our worst. It's healthy to explore this. I think if more people practiced human social and human behavioral work we'd be a different human race today. Instead, we get... Continue Reading →

Rage Agility

I'm going to deal with rage in this one. My angle isn't going to be the typical one. More about the control of our negative emotions so they can be allowed to enhance and be the catalyst versus a detractor. With rage and anger so relevant in this age of instant access, self-awareness and our... Continue Reading →

Understanding Needs

It happened. In fact, it happened to me today. Listening, but only listening to respond versus learn. I came into a conversation half way in, chip on my shoulder that I had all the answers, and totally took a situation sideways that helped no one. Insert face-plant here: 🤦🏻‍♂️ Not the best way to motivate... Continue Reading →

Addressing the Gap

Hello 👋🏻 It's great to be back from vacation in Hawaii. I had a lot of time to just listen to myself and reflect. I completely disconnected from work and blogging. I believe you have to take a break from what you're good at, to find how to be great at it when you come... Continue Reading →

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