Addressing the Gap

Hello 👋🏻

It’s great to be back from vacation in Hawaii. I had a lot of time to just listen to myself and reflect. I completely disconnected from work and blogging. I believe you have to take a break from what you’re good at, to find how to be great at it when you come back to it.

During this break I did a lot of reading and catching up with some great learning. The below was something that caught me last week I wanted to share.

I’m a great visual and auditory learner. I learn faster when I can see it or hear it. The below video is a great video that I will keep as a fav for a while and listen to over and over again from Ira Glass called The Gap. This accurately describes, in a very visual and auditory way what I felt when I first started blogging three years ago. The doubt.

It addresses the feelings we have when we first go for something big. Swing at the fences big. You know it’s going to change you big if you succeed or fail. It’s incredibly simple at describing our feelings we first go through and the doubt that seeps in that makes us quit. Lastly, it addresses how to push through that doubt to get to the other side. The video is only a little over 2 minutes, take a watch and listen.

The Gap

Address your gap and keep doing a lot of work! Your ambitions will match your output soon enough.

✌🏻 Shawn

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