Let Yourself Out, The World Needs You

If we had absolutely no fear (which by the way fear is a made up thing we created) at all, what would our potential really be? Would you try to be a rock star? Run across the United States? Jump from a plane? This fear of failure we need to reconcile. Every creative person both famous and not yet known had to face fear of failure at one point. What did they do to make it through?

It’s normal to fear. But, repeating these negative thoughts and negative self-talk gets you NO WHERE. It leads to the bag of chips in the cabinet and a Netflix binge you won’t find you’re way out of until you pass out. Good news, self-doubt and that negative thinking is almost always rooted in past experiences we’ve had. So, we can overcome it.

TNS. Tiny next step. A concept I learned from my studies to work on my own fear. All we need sometimes is to take that first step to get enough momentum to move us forward. Maybe you’re working on a logo for your blog space, take just 10 minutes to start sketching. Before long, that 10 minutes turns into 30 minutes and a great rough draft for the logo. By working with a TNS mindset with each major step, you’ll trigger a chain reaction that can keep you going for hours.

As I said earlier, most of the time fear creeps in because it was triggered by an experience that we had in our past come back to remind us we cannot do it. Identifying that inner critic before it can shake us down into procrastination is a great practice of self-awareness and mindfulness. Make your goals very specific. Your mind has a hard time arguing with something that is specific and clear, or logical. Make those steps in the present, don’t push them off. Like I stated above, getting started creates a chain reaction of more. Make that step true. It has to be about you. Your mind can’t argue about doing something that is good and true for yourself. Remind it that this has to happen. Find your sense of purpose, your true sense of purpose.

Our inner child can be an incredible advocate for getting us out of the fear rut. Use kid-thinking as a powerful tool to create and imagine. It is a great way to also increase your curiosity. The mind loves to be curious and busy. Kid-thinking reinforces the need to play and tinker. It really keeps you in the present moment and away from fear. Kid-thinkers keep pressing on and ignore their self-doubts that surely would stunt the creative process or play. I remember my inner child well. I used to take the most ridiculous amount of time playing and constructing with LEGOs. A pile of bricks became a plane, car, or building. Still to this day if I feel my creative process is getting stale, I pull the LEGOs out and start building. Before long, I’m back to a great creative mindset again to get back into the work I started.

Lastly, change is going to happen. It is the one constant you can count on no matter what. Your cells, hair, and nails are changing right now. Growing and growing tenths of an inch at a time, over time. Before long its time to get a trim. You cannot stop change. But you can embrace it. Even unwanted change has its benefits. There are lessons to learn from unwanted change and it can be very liberating. Once you have that positive look into the change, dwelling on it does no good. You’re free and can move on. You learn to accept what happened.

It’s normal to be incredibly worried or afraid of starting something new. However, running endless worries through your head will get you no closer to helping yourself or those around you. Taking that TNS, being aware of our inner monologue of negativity when it happens, and embracing a kid like thought process towards our goals are great ways to overcome those creative brick walls fear erects. If you feel stuck, try different approaches in your life and business. Our actions will always create change. But we don’t have to be afraid of the change because there’s learns from that change we can capture for next.

Wishing you can incredible journey into the weekend. Thanks for reading!

✌🏻 Shawn

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