What’s the Priority?

When we say we don’t have time for something, what we’re really saying is it’s not a priority. Writing, reading, and learning is a priority for me. It’s my library and space that I use constantly to connect with everyone in my social reach.

People do not decide their futures, they decide their habits and their habits decide their futures.

You want to blog, make it a priority. You want to get better at leading, get out there and lead from the front. Prioritize your dreams. At face value, your dreams can appear weird or meaningless. But if you use them as stimulants to focus your priority you may bring yourself into thinking in a new way.

Did you know that the Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleyev’s periodic table of elements was dream inspired? Yes, the very one that we all get to know as we take required chemistry courses during our educational years was dream inspired.

Heraclitus remarked on the power of dreams:

While we’re awake, we share one universe, but in sleep we each turn away to a world of our own.

Prioritize your dreams. Make them real. You can use dreams to resolve conflict, refresh creative thinking, inspire solutions, and suggest new approaches.

Some things to think about to get you started:

  • What recent dreams can you consult?
  • What is “dreamlike” in your current situations?
  • Have you ever had a waking experience that felt like a dream from a few days earlier?

Prioritize some dream time. Let your mind wander. Much of our thinking is associative. Simply, one idea makes us think of another. Dream states when we are awake are the perfect catalyst for this to take place.

I’ll end with this. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow said:

Sit in reverie and watch the changing color of the waves that break upon the idle seashore of the mind.

Dreams are very powerful things. When we can prioritize the time to pause and do it, well, anything is possible.

✌🏻 Shawn

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