It’s time to grow.

Pretty excited for the next chapter for In-Between the Pages. I hope you hang out with me, give me feedback, and let me know if I am helping you.

What’s next over the next few months?

It’s not hidden anywhere on the site about my passion for running. I’ve written and shared a lot about my runs and what I’ve learned by pushing myself through that over the last 5 years. With that in mind I am going to add a new section loaded with my learns and thoughts from running. Running is therapy for me. Some of my best topics for the blog come from my time running.

It’s not just going to be health focused and about exercise, but more about what I learn from the experience of running. What I learn about myself and my strengths through running. How the challenge whether with myself or others for runs, can teach a tenet or two about life in general. We’re runners in one light or another wether we admit it or not. Might not always be hitting the pavement or running some circuits, but in life we run all over the place. A lot.

The second thing I am going to introduce to the site is either a podcast addition or v-blog addition. I look at it as an evolution of sorts. There’s so many tools available out there to make this feasible these days, I just need to give it a shot. Not sure where this will land or when in 2018, but it’s coming.

So, all that announced and said, get ready. I’m sure you’re votes with views and likes will tell me if I’ve landed on something good and special that we can all learn something from.

Thanks for reading. Hope your Sunday has been relaxing and you got a little time to do what you’ve wanted to do.

✌🏻 Shawn

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