Hello Arete, Meet My Potential

Intention as Jim Carrey says is everything. Nothing happened on this planet that has been accomplished has ever been accomplished with out intention. 5 minute vid to watch. Check it out.

Lets take a page from this premise and loosen up for this week’s theme on intention. Like Jim did, lets take a pad of paper or whatever you favorite digital note taking app is and reflect.

Revisit for a moment what you wanted to accomplish this year. You activities, vacations, hobbies, work, and family goals you’ve wanted to achieve. Then place and asterisk or star next to the ones you really want to land. Go ahead, its not to late we’re just past 4 months into the year.

You’ve just mapped out some goals. What you really want to achieve. But, that’s not enough. You see a goal is always focused on the future and the tasks we wish to complete. It’s not really focused on actions in the present. It’s foresight and hopes. The problem with most futuristic thinking is we just dream and wish it to happen, thinking it will.

In comes intention. Bringing our goals into the arena of intentions brings a deeper purpose to our goals. Setting an intention brings your personal values into perspective and reminds you very honestly what is important. That’s the platform and space that calls you forward into action. That brings the goal into the present and makes it real. That makes what habits you need to change or create to achieve the goal clear.

Our thoughts lead to action. Our actions create our experience. Our experiences define our character. In each moment we define who we’ll become; start this with intention. – Holstee

The next post we will dig a little deeper into Arete and habits. We’ll need them to understand if our intention is locked or not.

Thanks for reading. Have a great evening.

✌🏻 Shawn

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