Your Table

It’s pretty simple a table won’t stand effectively with three or less legs. It usually will topple right over. Your table needs legs. You habits are the legs to your table which is your intention.

Our long term success towards being effectively intentional as we move to those goals we want to achieve require certain habits. They keep us on the path when we use our habits to seek clarity, develop influence in them, and demonstrate a little courage as we go after uncharted territory. What’s even greater about this approach, anyone can do it. It’s not reserved to the those with the right personality traits or inherent gifts. It is completely good habits and just fostering high confidence. It’s not who you are, but what you do that’s important.

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.

We’ll start with making sure your habits include high self-awareness and clear purpose. Clarity comes from self and knowing with out a doubt what kind of person you want to be. Determine the self you want. A good social circle will help you check that self. So gets lots of feedback from your social circles to test the value you’ve placed on self. Once you know self, you can start to focus on those skills needed or need developed to make the habit 100% successful. For me as a writer, to be good or great, I need to set time aside to write daily. Then get feedback from views or readers like you to get better. Lastly, to make the purpose of the habit super purposeful I try to practice service and find ways to give back to others. I’ll go view, like, or drop comments with my fellow writers trying to do the same. This motivates me while also endowing me with a passion to carry it through.

Our habits need to have influence built into them to keep them going. One way to do this is practice appreciation and giving or being aware to others needs along the way. It’s lonely at the top. Sharing your habits and achievements with others will influence you in a really surprising way. Establishing meaningful and lasting connections along the way will be just what you need as their influence brings accountability to the habits your growing. Letting others into your struggles and desires I found allows them opportunities to be your cheerleader. It’s building influence into your work.

Take the risk. Finding courage and demonstrating courage in your work can be very exciting. Hair standing up and goose bumps all over your arm kind of feeling. Living in a comfort bubble with our habits will never show you what you’re made of or what your true potential is. Courage is not a inherent personality trait, it’s grown and learned. With lots of practice you can take bold risks and learn to greet the challenge of those tougher habits you’re trying to build with a smile. Start with small bold steps with your practice like sharing your ambitions or arete with your social circles. Don’t work in silence and a vacuum. Open yourself up.

Courage is not fearlessness, it is taking action and persisting despite that fear.

Your intention is not created with out a clear habit building practice. Your intention needs legs to stay upright and balanced, firm in its support as you go after goals. You can find with a little bit if research that 40% of our behavior is repeated daily and in the same context. So when your trying to ponder how you want to change your life for the better, habits are a incredible place to begin.

Have a great Friday! Thanks for reading!

✌🏻 Shawn

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