Setting A Foundation for Your Intention

We’ve had the opportunity to understand what intention is and can do. How having a goal and being focused on intention are two different things, but work together. Last post we talked through setting the table for your intentionality to really get an opportunity to work with great habits. Today, we focus on the last post of the series where we secure the foundation that will keep us moving forward with intention.

At the end of the day, the questions we ask of ourselves determine the type of people that we will become. – Leo Babauta

Leo is the man behind Zen Habits which is about really aspiring to a healthier way to a better living. This may put the first post a little bit into a contradiction of itself as I believe in goal setting. Leo believes that having no goals lets you experience live and work more fully, more intensely as you concentrate more on the journey. As I read and studied his philosophy however, I found how you can do both and for most of us, the journey is where we need to improve our awareness. It’s really a great practice to keep the foundation of your intentions in perspective.

There are really four things as I see it from most of what I experienced and read about in my own journey that keeps this perspective during the journey that’s so foundational:

  • Look ahead
  • Review regularly
  • Get very specific
  • Stay focused

When looking ahead, does the intention in front of you empower you to align with the big goal you’re after? We have to consistently keep our goals in mind. It feeds our intentions. Reviewing them keeps us grounded and in check along the way. This is where I think we can balance and achieve and still enjoy the journey all at the same time.

Review your goals and intention weekly if not daily. Take the pause and review how you’ve been doing. From there take those adjustments into note. Don’t just tuck them away as inconsequential. They will be very valuable both as you continue and when you look backwards after you achieve your goal. I found that this information is especially useful when I hit the same kind of obstacles again.

Get incredibly clear and specific. Chunk those goals out into small chunks if its to big and audacious in your attempts to beat it. You will use a lot less energy when it you avoid potential hangs because you really got specific on next. Any energy spent retracing and getting back on the path, is energy you won’t have in reserves should something big land in your path as you move on. Consider taking your weekly and breaking it down into specific daily. And, your daily, make into specific hourly blocks. Don’t forget those breaks and pause along the way to review as mentioned above.

Keep yourself focused. Leo recommends doing one task related to your goal or intention each day and first thing in the morning if you can accomplish it. I believe in TNS (tiny next step) and this is the same idea. If we can take our first step and make it the first step of a big long day of going after a monstrous goal, we will find momentum in that first step. That’s an incredible way to start the day.

Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it today. – W. H. Murray

Be bold as you look into your week. Review what you expect from yourself each day. Keep it clear and in crystal focus. Take a lot of pauses and record your efforts. Learn. Hope your new week ahead holds lots of conviction and power in it.

Thanks for reading.

✌🏻 Shawn

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