Create Your Ladder

June is here. I have so much to share. I’ll be posting a short reflection on May tomorrow and then June plans. Thanks for having patience with me over the holiday week last week. Great kick off to summer and adventure.

For now, I’ll share this.

Block Out Time for Solitude and Thinking

The volume of information and stimuli coming at us every day makes it more difficult to focus than ever. To do the careful thinking that decision making and leadership require, you must step back from the noise of the world.

Schedule 15-minute breaks at least once or twice a day to sit quietly in your office or take a walk. Commit to these breaks as you would any meeting or appointment; if you don’t schedule moments of quiet, something else will fill the time.

Use them to think about your to-do list, especially the tasks you should stop doing. Solitude gives you the space to reflect on where your time is best spent. Try to get clarity on which meetings you should stop attending, which committees you should step down from, and which invitations you should politely decline.

Thanks for reading and I hope you are taking time for you this Sunday evening. Have a great week!


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