May Reflection, June Adventure

A look back at May to start with. Amazing month for IBtP with over 137 views and 111 visitors. Accessed by 8 countries with US, India, and South Africa being the top countries checking out IBtP. Thank you all 🙏 for your likes, comments, and views! You made this month of May the second best of the 2018 season so far. 😁

Your favorite posts you went after time and again were Enjoy the Holiday, One Thing – The Ultimate Act of Simplicity, and Working on Compassion. We went after three themes in May: creating intention, simplifying our work, and growing compassion in ourselves as well as others. All in all, a great month.

June is going to be a bit different. I won’t be theming June out really. I love the months of June and July in how they relate to our sense of adventure. Summer months are usually filled with breaks, vacations, and just trips we’d normally not take any other time of the year. That’s where I will be keeping our next 60 days here on IBtP.

Something new I hope to introduce is a podcast and a new section to IBtP.

The podcast I’ve yet to name (Maybe you all can help me with that?), but will be just a place to document. A different medium I can use to share. It will be 2 minutes or less like most of my posts so you can digest it on the fly. It will be something I will have available in most streaming outlets you would pick up Podcasts starting with here on WordPress in IBtP and iTunes.

The new section to IBtP I hope to add is going to be called Going to the Well which is about what I learn from my active lifestyle that can be applied to anything. I learn so much from pushing myself physically and get so many great ideas that have applications in work/personal spaces. Honestly, they’d be great to share or learn from for anyone. You don’t have to be active or a runner to hopefully appreciate what I post. It’s just a platform for me to share what I learn through extreme challenges.

And, that’s June!

Thanks for the patience and I hope you enjoy June and the start to a great summer with me!

✌🏻 Shawn

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