GTTW: The Mind

The body will do what the mind believes. At the end, mental toughness gets you there, not physical toughness. – Apativ Trainer, Meg

We’ve all hit it. The wall. Seems like there is nothing more you can do. As a runner I hit it on a regular basis on my longer runs. I train in all kinds of weather and all kinds of situations. Each one takes a little different approach then the other. But the strategy I always check first before each one is my mental one.

The biggest obstacles in life are the mental ones, not the physical ones. – Apativ Trainer Meg

This is so true of our work/life. We prepare and take a go at it, only to find out physically what we thought possible isn’t. If we take a pause in those moments and dig a little differently into why, we’ll find that our mental game was what failed us.

Well if I work longer…

Well if I come in to work earlier…

Well if I work the next 7 days straight…

Well if I crush this presentation just before bed and pull an all nighter I can be ready…

False positives. All of which are about physical focus and pushes, nothing above takes into account the mental tolls it will take to get there. That’s why they usually are not very successful.

We should instead focus on what mental goals we will need to overcome and like the quote above, the physical will take care of itself. It’s the mental we don’t put enough time or attention to when planning for that big push. Balance. I’d even state over play the mental strategy over physical.

Work smarter not harder.

You’ve heard that one before right? Still stands today as a good one to keep in mind.

Thanks for reading! Have a great Sunday and Happy Father’s Day to all you fathers out there!


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