GTTW: Therapy

Where do you get you time? What’s your space where you can shut everything out, and just be with your thoughts? At work where is that? In life where is that?Like others, I imagine its incredibly hard to do and get.

Running is mine. Running is just something I can be completely alone in, drive my legs as far as I can. And, honestly be with nothing but the outdoors and rural roads around of woods or fields that surround me. Any type of activity can be this for you. Walking, biking, swimming, the gym, and even in our own homes on yoga mats or treadmills. It needs to be set in places no one can interrupt us.

Sometimes when I go for my longer runs I completely zone out. When I finish the run, I feel refreshed and reinvigorated where before there was stress and anxiety. The run takes it out of me. The run helps me be with my thinking. I can better deal with it, compartmentalize it where in my other social spaces of work/life I couldn’t get that time with myself. It was go time, every minute I had.

Now the GTTW (Going to the Well) bridge. To achieve more sometimes you have to create a place for an intentional pause. Find a therapy that we can be free to do nothing but be alone with ourselves and just think through all the input we’ve accumulated. We tend to think if we spend as much time as we can working, we’ll get to where we want and get what we want. It’s a false positive. We need a therapy session that allows us to be free from the grind and dare I say unleash everything that’s been pent up.

Most of us are in awe of time. It is an extremely valuable and scarce resource, yet we spend it on the wrong things and in the wrong way. Ultimately, when you can find a therapy and work through your thoughts alone, you will find you can achieve miracles afterwards.

We need to unsubscribe from work and life. We need to check our insatiable appetite that seeks out positive rewards from working non-stop. With no time out to think through our emotions we are on a path that is a sure fire way to burn out. False progress and all our greed making us think that we can do everything keeps us traveling in that very direction.

Maybe Orange Therapy or running is not your gig for therapy time. Here’s some ways to get away from the noise for a few:

  • Find a place that you are surrounded by things that make you curious. I have a nature trail where it ends deep in the woods on a bench swing that over looks a great view. I just sit there and unplug, think.
  • Meditate. Find a place in your house or in the office where it’s your space away from everyone and just meditate. I find guided meditation good. There’s tons of helpful apps or tracks that can help you with this. Use s pair of noise canceling headphones to really unplug.
  • Take your lunch from work to your local coffee or tea spot. There’s so many of them these days you can find one with seating outside or with comfy chairs where you can sip and think. Stay away from busy spots that are more of the same you’re trying to get away from. A busy Starbucks that’s packed with business is not ideal, it’s just more busy that you’re trying to escape.
  • A book. Books can be very calming. Pick one up on a 15 you’ve been wanting to read, sit outside and read a few pages, and just enjoy the words playing through your head as you read. Reading to yourself is therapy and escaping.

Wind your brain down by finding your therapy. Reboot your brain by finding your way out of always being on the go for others. Build a new foundation for your work/life focuses that includes some you time. We’re stuck with a surplus of negative thinking and stress more than we want to admit. We need a space to let it out and get rid of it. Find your therapy before you find something else you’re not going to like.

✌🏻 Shawn

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