June 2018 Finish


June Fun
Have fun this summer, get outside! (Image: Mary Ward)

June is done from IBtP’s perspective. June and July are not intense blogging or writing months for me as you probably figured out. In fact, they are some of my slowest months and lowest posting months when compared to others through the year. There’s intentionality in that.

First, it’s time to be out doors as much as possible for me. Running, vacationing with the wife, and just overall getting away from the screen during those months are some of the best things that I can do. I’m like a bear during those months. Venturing around, absorbing it all, and consuming it all so I can be ready for fall-winter hibernation.

Second, it’s pretty much peak training and hiring time for the organization that I work for. I do a lot people connecting and focusing during these two months in particular. It doesn’t leave me with much mental strength by the end of the day. I do more journaling than blogging.

How did June turn out? Here’s some of the stats:

  • 39 views, 32 visitors, and 26 likes; compared to May 2018 that was almost four times less than May as a impact result 🤔
  • Unique countries in June visiting IBtP: Sweden, UK, Australia, Ireland, South Africa, and India. 🖐 and great to see you stopping by! Thank you!
  • Top posts viewed: Adventure? Nope, Not in Your Inbox and Day Trips

I wouldn’t call it a total loss for the postings. I would have liked to have posted more for you all. That said, you know why I’ve been missing posts lately and can adjust when you want to pick up in the busier months if you so choose. I get it.

July? I got one post up this week already, GTTW: Sometimes You LoseMore to come. Feel strongly about GTTW (Going to the Well) and as viewers you seem to be picking this up regularly as a favorite to check out. I got a lot of running this season to share perspective on, so stay close to GTTW.

A goal I didn’t nail and really wanted to was getting the podcast addition to the site up and running in June. So, I’m moving that project into this month. I’ll be using Anchor for iOS to get the podcast up and out there. I have a fellow blogger who uses it and states its super simple to get up and running.

For IBtP (In-Between the Pages) regular posting, I’ll be spending July taking you through some of the studying I’ll be learning from as I take July to study up on topics for the rest of 2018. Just fell into a HBR membership, which I am exploiting to the 10th degree. Like having a library virtually any time I want it.

That’s where June ended up, where July will be going, and some of my goals I’ve set for myself this month. Thanks as always for following, learning, and sharing with me!

Now go get outside! Enjoy the outdoors with someone special or just yourself.

✌ Shawn


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